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Trimble Juno 5 Handheld Series

The Trimble® Juno® series has now evolved in to the perfect smart phone for working in the field. Using the extremely rugged existing Juno 3, Trimble have developed the Trimble Juno 5 series in to the perfect work device.

Trimble Juno 5 Handheld Series

Designed to meet military specs, with an IP65 rating, it has a large screen so you can easily view data or photos even in direct sunlight.
  * High-sensitivity GNSS
  * Windows® Embedded Handheld or Android operating system
  * All the familiar and easy to use features
  * Big, sunlight readable screen
  * Office applications, camera, and cellular connectivity on board

Juno 5B (WEHH)  Juno 5D (WEHH) Juno 5D (Android)
Cellular voice & data No Yes Yes
Available Trimble software Yes Yes Not at this time

With an 8 megapixel camera and geotagging on board, you can collect and record your assets and report back to the office.

Together with Trimble TerraSync™ and GPS Pathfinder® Office software for professional workflows, you can work with confidence in the data you are capturing.