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Trimble Juno 3 Handheld Series

The Trimble® Juno™ 3 Series handheld is the ultimate integrated solution for your field workers, keeping them connected and in touch.

Trimble Juno 3 Handheld Series

The Juno is complete with the 3.5 inch QVGA sunlight-readable colour touch screen, a high-sensitivity GPS/SBAS1 receiver and antenna and is fully compatible with Trimble’s entire range of Mapping & GIS software.
  * 3.75G cellular data and voice capability (3D only)
  * High-sensitivity GPS receiver
  * 5 megapixel autofocus camera with flash
  * 10hr battery for all-day use (with GPS and backlight on)
  * Bluetooth® v2.0, Wireless and micro SD slot

Cellular voice & data Camera Microsoft Office Mobile
Juno 3B No 5MP No
Juno 3D Yes 5MP with flash Yes

Combining the benefits of a GPS device (geo-tagging), camera, PDA, and mobile phone, this pocket-sized device provides work teams with a range of tools in a single compact package, so there are fewer batteries to charge and fewer devices to manage.

The high-sensitivity receiver delivers optimal yield so you can get a position fast in the harshest conditions. 2 to 5 meter positional accuracy is always available in real time in regions with SBAS coverage. Accuracy can be further improved to 1 to 3 meters through simple post processing routines.