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Trimble Business Center

As the desktop component of Trimble's suite of geospatial solutions, Trimble Business Center provides you with the capability to efficiently edit, process, and adjust your survey data with confidence.

Trimble Business Center
  • New versions v3.22 (64-bit) and v2.98.1 (32-bit) supporting Bentley-Trimble design to construction workflows are available for download
  • Control Surveying: Confidently produce reliable control coordinates for the span of the entire project
  • Field to Finish: Easily create CAD-ready deliverables directly from survey data.
  • GIS Feature Collection: Expand the utilization of your survey systems by creating GIS deliverables for your clients.
  • Construction Staking: Assure that staking projects are performed correctly and recorded for verification.
  • Integrated Aerial and Terrestrial Photogrammetry: Process complete mapping projects that include aerial imagery, Trimble VISION imagery, and GNSS and total station observations.

New Features
New Features introduced in Trimble Business Center v3.21 include:

  • New Advanced Drafting module to design corridors and automatically plot cross-sections for any alignment-based surface or corridor
  • New tools for increased productivity and focus on high accuracy deliverables for land surveying applications
  • Performance 3D Point Cloud engine supports efficient workflows and management of up to 1 billion points
  • CAD and Surface Enhancements for more efficient analysis
  • Aerial Photogrammetry enhancements with new deliverables and faster processing times
  • Machine Control functionality in 64-bit for improved productivity